Lyra the Snivy
Jury Member
Season Pokemon Big Brother 3
Place Runner-Up
Votes Against 0
Alliances Cool Town
Sonar Guardians
Grassy Girls
The Ot-her Side
Loyalties Auran the Red Lucario
Jake the Gliscor
Zack the Bulbasaur
Isaiah the Aipom
HOH Wins 4 (Weeks 3, 5, 9, 10)
Times Nominated 1 (Week 7)
Veto Wins 3 (Weeks 3, 7, 9)
Days 48

Jury Member
Season Pokemon Big Brother 1
Place 4th
Votes Against 1
Alliances Friendship
Cool Town
Turtles and the Hares
Loyalties Auran the Red Lucario
HOH Wins 1 (Week 6)
Times Nominated 1 (Week 7)
Veto Wins 2 (Weeks 4, 6)
Days 51
Other Prizes Immunity (Week 3), Double Jury Vote

Lyra the Snivy was a houseguest on Pokemon Big Brother 1 (DCU)and Pokemon Big Brother 3 (DCU).

In Pokemon Big Brother 1, Lyra was one of the first first 12 new houseguests to participate in the first season of Pokemon Big Brother. Known for forming friendships with many houseguests, having fun with everyone else, and socializing. Lyra was never in any danger at the early stages of the game forming bonds and alliances to help better herself and her number one ally Auran the Red Lucario. She made it to final 4, and asked by her number 1 ally to vote her off, to better his position going forward with his deal and not making Kirlia mad, thus granting her 4th place. With her double vote, she voted for Auran who was granted the win.

Later, she returned for Pokemon Big Brother 3, representing season 1 along with Auran. She was unaware of the newbies going after her, until some quick thinking by Isaiah the Aipom. She voted in minority at most times and was in a powerful alliance with her Cool Town Partner Auran the Red Lucario and newcomer Isaiah the Aipom to form the Sonar Guardians. She was in a showmance with Marsh until their latter nomination against Auran and making the decision tough and having to save an ally before love. At the time of renominating Jake the Gliscor she later feels like saving him if a tie occurs, but it never happened. Not feeling any danger, due to Isaiah the Aipom's more dominate social game she ended up in the final 3 with her Sonar Guardians alliance. She lost against Isaiah the Aipom and was the runner-up.


  • Season 1 was a test season and she was never a final nominee until final 4.
  • Season 3, she was never a final nominee.
  • She may or may not have 0 votes if she was in final 3/2 making it a plausible case that in both the seasons she participated in, she had 0 votes in eviction total.
  • In both the times she participated, she has won a total of 10 competitions.
  • She later started hosting her own Pokemon Big Brother season.